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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that you are bound to agree for placing an online order with SMARTECHPRO LTD is listed below. The absolute right to amend the terms and conditions whenever it is needed is vested on SMARTECHPRO LTD.


Domain Names

  • The SMARTECHPRO Limited rule and maintain the ownership of the newly registered domain names. At any time the customers can seek for the ownership and transfer of domains at free of cost.
  • The monthly pay package of the customers includes the entire domain renewal unless otherwise agreed.
  • It is not the responsibility of SMARTECHPRO LTD on behalf of any profit loss or website intermission generated by the expiry of domain names or other technical errors created by any domain registers or by a third party.


  • Before the commencement of the work, a direct debit and pertinent upfront reimbursement are mandatory to the entire recent monthly pay website accounts. Immediately after getting the confirmation setup we commence the work. It will take 5-7 days prior to the first payment intended for direct debits. Though we begin the work as soon as we get the confirmation of setup.
  • The SMARTECHPRO offers you the textual content supplied by you which is essential to your website, images with an added minute charge and ultimately the number of images offered by us is limited at our diplomacy. The entire images and text submitted are free from copyright, and there is no responsibility for SMARTECHPRO to any issue created by the violation of copyright law by using any text or images on your website. Professional copyrighting will be provided by us at an added charge.
  • For most of the websites, 5-10 working days is accepted to complete work, though there will be delay in the completion if the content is not given.
  • The right to reject the material, which may be estimated to be offensive, controversial and illegal, is vested in the hands of SMARTECHPRO.

On-going Service

  • The services offered by the SMARTECHPRO comprise technical maintenance, software updates and hosting and all general upkeep services. These services will be included in the monthly payment fee.
  • Extensive instrument are taken by the SMARTECHPRO to guarantee that the customer does not practice any distraction of service, as the legal responsibility for distraction of service originated by issues that lie outside our control is not accountable to us.
  • As per the package description website amendments for instance modification of text, images and contact information shall be integrated as a component of each package is made. These wide-ranging amendments are subject to fair practice. SMARTECHPRO has the right to assess the customers spend and amend the sum on their next billing cycle if for whatever reason the customer’s use of this clause is extreme.
  • The requirements that fall externally of what is considered to be a basic amend will be assessed as a commissioned auxiliary service and will be quoted and billed as such. It includes new pages, re-branding or additional functionality.
  • The request made to SMARTECHPRO Ltd on the basis of the incident that a website error occurs as the effect of amendments made by the client, the rectification will be made and will be quoted and billed based upon our standard agency fees.

Website Hosting

It is necessary that during the first 12 months, the website must be hosted on our servers.
If you host your website at SMARTECHPRO, we never provide access to the web hosting control panel, to secure our client's website.
We have limited space as we are very compassionate concerning how much hosting space you use. In that case, we may require discussing dedicated hosting from a third-party. We cannot guarantee the uptime of our hosting as it is provided by a third-party as we have a good reliability record.

Contract Duration / Cancellation

  • All websites have a 12 month contract period with mandatory monthly payments. The ownership of the website will be transferred to you upon completion of the contract period, and you are free to host your own website. If you want to continue our services, you need to provide maintenance and annual hosting fees.
  • All account cancellation appeals must be emailed to info@smartechpro.co.uk . This will result in cancellation of direct debit agreements and the account itself. Your account will also be subjected to termination if you fail to make the direct debit payment within 7 days or unless previously agreed upon.
  • All cancelled accounts will be completely terminated. However, back up will be kept on our servers for a period of 12 months. If you intend to renew the website hosting in the future, you can still avail our services through our servers even after 12 months.

Search Engine optimisation

  • Smartechpro follows strict adherence to ethical techniques in website optimisation. The firm denies complete responsibility for any issues, losses or ratings incurred during any kind form of third party service provider interactions.
  • Even though SMARTECHPRO follows effective methodologies for facilitating our services, the firm possesses no authority over rankings in numerous search engines. The uncertainties associated with the search engine practices may result in the diminished positioning in the corresponding operational environments. The services provided are liable to fluctuations in the page rankings.

Contract Duration / Cancellation

  • On the basis of progressing monthly contract SEO accounts shall be retained.
  • Account cancellation applications are to be forwarded in lettering to info@smartechpro.co.uk.
  • It will result in the complete end of all continuing SEO services by your account cancellation. However, all SEO practices functional throughout the customers with SMARTECHPRO will endure in place.

Charges & Payments

All expenditures for the endowment of services by SMARTECHPRO will be processed through Pre-Authorised Debit. It may acquire extra administrative payment or processing fee for an alternative mode of payment at the sole discretion of SMARTECHPRO.
Without bias to any other legitimate or remedy that SMARTECHPRO may have if the customer fails to pay SMARTECHPRO on the due date SMARTECHPRO may:
  • Until the payment is fully paid all the services provided by SMARTECHPRO will be suspended.
  • £50 fine payment fees will be added to the customer’s unsettled balance if the customer account remains in debt for two consecutive months.

Governing Law

This bond will be administered exclusively by the Laws of the United Kingdom.
General Terms & Conditions of Using Our Website
The following terms and conditions should be followed for the use of this website. These terms and conditions oversee your access to and use of the website. You agree that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions by assessing and using the website and that they shall apply to use. Please leave the website if you do not wish to follow these terms and conditions.
  1. This website is owned and functioned by the SMARTECHPRO Limited.
  2. By posting alterations online, we reserve the rights to alter these terms and conditions anytime. Sustained use of this site after alterations are posted your acceptance of this bond as reformed.
  3. You approve of using this site only for lawful drives, and in a manner which does not trespass the rights, or restrict, or obstruct the enjoyment and use of this site by any third party. Users of our communicating sorts which will be accessible shortly should also refer to our terms of use and rules of participants’.
  4. You may obtain the access to the services and products and its subsidiaries of the SMARTECHPRO through the website. The provision of such products and services will be governed by such additional terms and conditions as you may be made aware of at the time of ordering.
  5. This site and the names, information, images, pictures, logos relating or concerning to SMARTECHPRO are provided “as is” without any authorisation or representation and without guarantee of any kind whether implied or expressed. In no event, SMARTECHPRO is responsible for any damages containing, without limitation, indirect or significant damages whatsoever arising from the use or about such use or loss of using the site, whether in negligence or contract.
  6. Copyright Limitations (1): commercial use or periodical of all or any articleexhibited is rigorouslyforbidden without prior approval from SMARTECHPRO. Nothing confined herein shall be interpreted as conversing any licence by SMARTECHPRO to use any articleexhibited.
  7. Copyright Limitations (2): documents (not interactive applications) downloaded from the Downloads and publications segments of this site may be used for private use only. This does not encompass to images and other documents confined herein for which all rights are reserved. Authorisation must be entreated from the copyright holders former to copying or other use of the content.
  8. No responsibility will be taken by the SMARTECHPRO for the content of peripheral Internet sites. Other websites associated with this site are possessed and functioned by third parties over whom SMARTECHPRO has no control. The enclosure of links to other websites should not be deliberated an unqualified authorisation of the content of the sites activated by third parties. We agree no obligation for any information, statements, products or services that are available on or are available through any websites owned or functioned by third parties.
  9. Any material or communication that you post on, or transmit to, any public area of the site comprising any questions, comments, data, suggestions, or the like, is and will be treated as non-proprietary and non-confidential information.
  10. If there is any encounter among these rules and terms and condition and precise terms of use performing on this site connecting to the particular material then the latter shall overcome.
  11. Accordance with the laws of England and Wales the terms and conditions shall be governed and construed. Any disagreements shall be subject to the special jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
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