brand building


Jun 29

Effect of Bounce rate in search engine rankings

Before we start working on our bounce rate, we should understand what bounce rate is. It is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and leave without viewing any other pages on your website. In the Google Analytics of your website, there will be a percentage for your website. For instance, if your website’s […]

Jun 12


Advertising is very important if you want to run any business, be it online or the traditional one. It helps you to reach out to new customers and market your products and services. There is a great deal of free advertising available on the internet in the form of optimal search engine rankings if you […]

Jun 6

Digital marketing techniques to boost up Website

Whether it is a casual blog or selling products it is imperative to have a good website. Attracting the kind of visitors who will convert into customers is a work in progress. There are some important things about online marketing that every entrepreneur needs to be aware of, but for a start, let’s look at […]