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Secured E-commerce Websites

Ecommerce website now form a part and parcel of any business. It can be set up now –a –days by the business owners in a very simple manner and with an unexpected cost. So if you have an e-commerce website means, you are more vulnerable towards the actions of hackers. Ecommerce website owners are always concerned with making their websites more attractive and secure to the end users. But as a member of the online community we should be always bothered about our own protection. Hackers are always behind such sites where they handle customer’s personal information, credit card details and so on as this is what they want to grab and exploit.

Once such a mishap happens more than your financial loss you will lose your reputation among your customers. Hence it is mandatory to know how to secure customers data as well as to protect your own business.

Security provided by your SSL certificate is not complete as do many operators think. Web Hosts do not often do the type of scanning as done by workstations due to performance reasons. You further need to protect your site form breaches and other malicious software that may be downloaded. This kind of additional security can be provided by PCI and Vulnerability scanning. Though PCI scanning and vulnerability scanning does have different objective, they are often bundled together and they often scan your site regularly identifying its threats.

• Multiple layers of security

Having multiple layer protection is also another factor which keeps your sites away from cybercrimes. Protection should begin with the creation of a firewall, further security should be added by security forms, login boxes and search queries.

• Multifactor authentication

This is an additional security facility normally practiced in financial institutions like bank, brokerage firm etc. Here they don’t entirely trust you on the basis of your user id and password. If you login from a different computer they confirm you by a 2 factor authentication otherwise known as multifactor authentication. The bank may sent you a confirmation code to the email id or to the mobile number that you have already registered with the bank. Hence a hacker can access you only if he has gained access to your email and cellphone.

• Using Trust seals

Trust seals as the name indicates are issued by a third party to show that you meet all your security standards and that you are trustworthy organization. This will definitely increase your sales and repeat customers. If you can display such a seal it ensures the customers that its safe being your customer.

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