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Neuro Web Designing: Make them Click

Having a good website can be likened to opening a door and inviting potential customers into your business. Your customers get to know you and your products through your website at their convenience. People from across the street and across the border have access to your products and services from the comfort of their home. It is much better than passing out your business card to hundreds of people.

Recently, a new phenomenon has emerged which is called Neuro Web Design. It is a method which borrows from different fields and deals with the research on human factors such as motivation, decision-making and neuro science.

The main aim here is to create websites which are more engaging and effective. Before delving into the details let us see what Neuro Web design is.

What is Neuro Web Design?

Recent research in neuroscience has revealed that there is a connection between people’s thinking, decision making, and motivation to take action. These factors related to neuroscience should be taken into account while designing a website to make the website for more attractive to prospective customers. In other words, the idea of neuro web designing stems from the fact that our decision-making process is governed by an unconscious processing and that our experience is driven by external factors such as social validation, similarity, etc. In short, it cashes in on the fact that people are more likely to buy a product or service if they know that others are doing the same thing.

Here are some suggestions on how to make websites more compelling and inclined to make people ‘click’, or take action.

  • The majority of our thoughts are made up of images. Therefore, information conveyed using imagery will be remembered much more readily than written messages. For your website, you can use some well written words to describe your product or service, and combine them with incisive and attractive images.
  • As humans, we tend to think in narrative terms. Websites that use stories and tales will attract and retain attention. Writing a precise and concise description, clarifying the purpose of your website, and trying to engage the emotions of potential supporters are important steps to creating a website which is highly competitive in the marketplace.
  • Human beings are social animals. In an age where LikeShare and Comment are like fundamental currency, the need to share our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions in a virtual way is more than ever. This is where ratings and reviews comes into play. Used correctly, this user-generated content can increase traffic to your website by the process of social validation.
  • Reciprocity is another important thing to be kept in mind. If you give your customer something of value, then it will increase their inclination to do something to reciprocate, like providing you with their email address. So, make sure your content is good enough to motivate your visitors to provide you with their email address, which in turn will add to your customer base.
  • To be able to get something immediately will act as a strong push to action and to an immediate purchase. We all understand how persuasive a message like this can be “sales ending in 9 hours, 20 minutes and 46 seconds”…
  • Another factor is the presentation of products. Presenting your product with ‘everything included’ and then letting the buyers to remove optional extras and make some “savings” is much better than offering a base product with the option to add extras.

Hope the aforementioned tips will help you to design websites that will appeal to the unconscious mind and persuade people to take action. If you are still stuck at any point please visit us for website design services

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