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Keys to a Successful Brand Strategy

Branding, the concept of establishing a business as a brand, has been a popular concept for a while now in the world of commerce. Earlier it took many years of hard work and considerable knowledge about the respective industry to become a big name. Extensive and multi-level marketing, appeasing your customers with freebies, showcasing your name during big games and events, telecasting your advertisements between popular TV and radio shows, giving out coupons, brochures, leaflets and pamphlets.. Phew! It was quite a task! It still is, of course, but the process is slightly more simpler these days and any business can gain visibility with just a few clicks, if they know where to advertise.

The idea of exclusivity always attracts people, despite the fact that everyone wants in on everything. While brands were initially all about being one among the chosen few, today brands represent affordable luxury, global cognizance, popularity and a sort of a status symbol. And this is exactly why businesses start branding themselves right from when they enter the industry and spare no penny for this particular marketing strategy. People who know the industry, know that in the long run, it is the brand name that will sell itself.

Here are some strategies that often prove to be useful while a business is trying to get established as a brand:

1. Go mobile : Mobile phones and other smart handhelds have become an inevitable part of people’s lives. Having a mobile app or a mobile optimized website goes a long way in ensuring that you remain within your customers’ range of visibility, regardless of whether they prefer to shop online or offline.

2. Social networking : Just like mobile phones have made themselves indispensable, social networking sites have also taken the business world by storm by open up a multitude of new possibilities. Having a regularly and frequently updated social network page/ account, it is extremely easy to open a two-way communication channel between you and your customer base, however large it may be. But, do be warned that this can also work unfavorably for you in case you don’t treat them right. Customers will be kings forever. That is the price you pay for taking their money, even if you provide the best product or service.

3. Stay visible : Just like in the old days, keep your brand name visible during popular shopping seasons like Christmas, Easter, etc. Woo your customers with irresistible offers through emails, push notifications, exclusive gifts, etc. Your marketing strategies should aim to stay relevant in your customers’ decision making process.

4. Customer loyalty program : Give your customers a reason to come back, a reason to choose you over your competitors. Help them recognize you as a brand that cares about their satisfaction and offers consistent and competent products & services every time.
Branding and marketing strategies need to evolve with the latest trends, and the success of even tried and tested formulas need not work for every business. Every business is unique and has unique business values, unique business needs and unique business goal. The above mentioned approaches work for most businesses and withstood the test of time. You can always adopt new plans of actions and find the course that most suits your business. Share your unique branding ideas in the comments below!

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